New Chromecast 2 specs and release date hinted

The current version of Chromecast was released back in July, 2013 in the US, and the second generation model is long overdue. Many of you have often wondered why Google has yet to update its streaming device, and so we are pleased to see a fresh rumor hinting at the release of the new Chromecast 2, along with its proposed design.

A leaked image has appeared on 9To5 Google, which shows the 2015 Chromecast 2.0 update will take on a completely new design, one that we are not too hot on. You will see that this device has now taken on a balloon-like form, which to us looks very odd.

Chromecast 2 specs

However, it’s not like this will be on show and so is a non-issue for many of you because the real importance is the new features. We can tell you that one of the new Chromecast 2nd-gen features is improved WiFi, as it is said to come with 802.11ac band support for better connection.

Another feature that is sure to get you excited is Fast Play. This will allow the new Chromecast to connect much quicker to your TV, which has always been one of the main issues with the current model.

As for its release date, this is rumored to be on September 29, so a day before OS X El Capitain is released.



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