Impossible Machines Destiny review after Xur

Xur is back in the tower for his first appearance of Destiny Year Two. This glorious occasion has been celebrated by Xur selling The Impossible Machines, so now naturally those buying want to check out an Impossible Machines Destiny review to see if it is worth buying.

The first point to make though is that prior to Xur’s arrival, only a handful of Destiny players in the world had the Impossible Machines early – through a lucky drop.

As a result, there are no insightful Impossible Machines reviews online for you to watch now so this is going to be a rare, but exciting case where you may just have to take the plunge and see what you think of them yourself.


The Impossible Machines exotic Warlock Gauntlets from The Taken King come with the ability Lightning Rod, which unlocks the Stormcaller subclass node Landfall for free.

Once you start upgrading it further you can gain access to the Snap Discharge with Impossible Machines, which can increase your melee attack speed – this should be very tempting for some of you ninjas out there.

Given that the Impossible Machines are brand new, start off by saying if you bought these for 13 coins and give us your initial impressions of them below.

Once we have some reviews to share, we will update this and add them in for you.



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