King’s Fall Raid Light level and Increase to 280 fast

We continue our coverage on the exciting build up to the start of King’s Fall, the new Destiny raid that comes with The Taken King expansion.

For those that are making some last minute preparations, we wanted to remind those who are still asking what is the King’s Fall raid light level – despite just hours to go until the content goes live.

We can confirm that the Destiny recommended light level for King’s Fall is 280 – meaning that the Taken King bosses could be set at light level 300.

The information has come from Bungie’s creative director Luke Smith as you can read in this articletowards the bottom.


As far as we’re aware, Bungie did not make a big fanfare about the light level in their Weekly update so consider this a great heads-up now that you know what you are going to be facing in the King’s Fall raid.

So now you know the light level, what about tips to increase light level faster to 280 for King’s Fall? The key to this is by collecting and decoding as many Blue Engrams as possible.

We have picked out two excellent video guides below, which will talk about this in detail and put you on the exact path in getting a high light level fast in Destiny in a short amount of time.

Watch the videos below and give us your own personal tips on how to get that light level up fast in time for when King’s Fall arrives.

What light level are you at the moment?



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