Destiny King’s Fall raid start time for PST, EST, UK

The excitement of the Destiny Taken King expansion continues this week, with the arrival of Xur selling new Taken King items and more importantly, the Destiny King’s Fall Raid start time.

Now, for anyone who is still not up to speed on when the Destiny King’s Fall raid will be out, we have a last minute reminder for you with a heads-up on King’s Fall raid release times in PST, EST, UK timezones.

The good news is that Bungie has already confirmed when the action will be starting. King’s Fall will begin at 10am Pacific Time on Friday September 17.


This means for those asking what time King’s Fall is out Eastern Time, that is at 1pm in the afternoon. UK gamers will have to wait until 6pm to play, while those in Hong Kong have to stay up late with a 1am start time.

For Destiny Year Two, Bungie has gone one further with The Taken King. Now you can go to their website and view a live countdown. To make things easier Bungie has even listed the King’s Fall Raid start time in local times for another heads-up – a fantastic idea from the developer.

We don’t have long to go and the clock is now ticking. Are you excited about finally being able to play King’s Fall and take home some of those mouthwatering Destiny King’s Fall raid gear?



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