OS X El Capitan countdown to release time

By Peter Chubb - Sep 19, 2016

Remember to mark September 30, 2015 in your diaries, as this is the date that Apple will release its new desktop operating system update. We still have several days to go, but thought you might like to see a OS X El Capitan countdown seeing as though its release date is 12 days away.

OS X 10.11 El Capitan is not going to be as popular an update as iOS 9 was yesterday, but you can be sure that owners of supported devices in the USA, UK, India and other countries across the world will be waiting in anticipation.

If you are one of those people waiting for the update, then you might want to revisit our article on OS X El Capitan Mac compatibility to see if your device is supported or not. However, if you are running Yosemite, then you know you will be fine downloading and installing this new version.

OS X El Capitan countdown

Ok, so we know there is still a little under two weeks to go before its release, but why not bookmark this page so that you can revisit and watch that countdown.

As for the OS X El Capitan release time, it is not as simple as looking at the time Yosemite was released last year. This is because last years update took place on October 16th, and was available for download following Apple’s event. This year is different in the fact that the El Capitan will be released on September 30th, which is a Wednesday, and will not precede an event.

It’s for this reason why we believe the update will go live at 6PM UK, 10AM PST, as it will likely follow the same pattern as iOS 9.

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  • David Wyatt

    In app store search box. Search os el capitan, its available already.

  • Dieter


  • Michael O’Connor

    Just got the update for safari 9.0, but nothing else yet.

    • IndiaMan

      But we’re waiting for OS X El Capitan.

      • Michael O’Connor

        I know, but I figured the Safari update was preparing it for El Capitan meaning it should be here real soon.

        • IndiaMan

          Oh cool…

  • IndiaMan

    Countdown is out. Can’t find it yet 🙁

    • Brendan B-man Brøwn

      search it on the app store, i found it

  • Joshua

    Have been checking the store….nothing

  • Rayona

    its not out yet !!!

  • Brendan B-man Brøwn

    This says it will be here tomorrow…i thought it was coming out on the 30th

    • Anjospot

      You should have listen to Apple site and not here. They said Sept 30th.