Destiny server fix for Caterpillar, Cattle errors

Many players are saying that Destiny servers are down today due to frequent Caterpillar and Cattle errors.

If you are having problems signing in to Destiny at the moment due to these two errors, we may have some information for you to get you back in to the game as soon as possible.

Bungie is already aware of the Destiny Caterpillar error, as we can see that they have already provided an ‘official’ fix when players receive it.


We have included the whole thing above and that is direct from Bungie’s help website so you should try it out now if you are having problems.

Let us know if you are still receiving the Destiny ‘Lost connection to partner services‘ error and we’ll try to find another fix for you.

Also stay tuned to Bungie’s Help Twitter for the latest updates on this surprise outage. Are you getting the Caterpillar Destiny error in your area right now?



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