Best Destiny Armsday Foundry Order Weapons

We have a quick heads-up for those who are asking how to use the Destiny Armsday orders correctly, since this is a new feature that arrived on Wednesday for the first time.

Now, every Wednesday players will have the chance to test a set of specific weapons from Destiny Gunsmith Banshee and then order their upgraded versions once you have gained a Gunsmith Rank of 1 in Destiny.

Once you use the weapons you will gain a bit more reputation to rank up and that’s when you can start using the Destiny Foundry Orders with Legendary versions of that weapon.


For example, one of the highlights on offer this week is the Destiny Suros Dis-43 Legendary Scout Rifle, which costs 2500 Glimmer and takes a week to arrive to your inventory.

We have a feeling that you are going to love using the Hakke Herja-D Pulse rifle too, so you may want to opt for that as your Armsday Weapon of choice this week.

For those that want a general introduction to how Destiny Armsday works, we have found an excellent video for you. Take a look at that and let us know which weapons you tested out and which one you you think is the best!



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