Second day IAA 2015 press conferences by time

The first IAA 2015 press day was always going to have the big announcements, details of which we shared with you yesterday. However, the second day Frankfurt Motor Show press conferences will be more for businesses within the industry, as it’s less about upcoming car models and more so towards the technology used in those cars.

Having said that, we know that there will be plenty of you out there that are still interested in this, and so you might want to keep an eye out on news reports, as we have the IAA 2015 press conferences by time for day two. Proceedings have already started, although it is a long day, so still a lot more to come.

Second day IAA 2015 press conferences

Looking at the order of the second day, we can see that it is a packed day, and if you are at the event reading this and unable to find your way to the next conference, then here is a handy map to help you get to where you need to go.

Going back to that first day because if you missed anything, then the IAA website has a page dedicated to the impressions of the first press day, which consist of a collection of images taken yesterday.



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