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iOS 9 upgrade postponement for 9.0.1

In a few hours we will see millions of people trying to upgrade to iOS 9, as the download is expected to go live in just over two hours time worldwide. However, because there are likely to be a few issues that could cause issues for iOS devices, some of you have already made the decision to postpone the update.

iOS 9 upgrade wait for 9.0.1 to be released – As with the past few iOS updates we have seen a growing number of people hanging back and not being caught up in all those early issues. We suspect this will be the same this year, although maybe a higher number of you will decide to wait for iOS 9.01 to go live – whenever that will be.

delyaing iOS 9 upgrade

It’s common knowledge that Apple will release its new mobile OS and with it will be a host of problems for some of you. Procrastinators usually find that given time Apple will iron out those early issues. I know that we cannot foresee there being any problems, but let’s face it, there are going to be a few because it is an ongoing issue with such updates.

People do not make this decision lightly, as they know they will be missing out on the latest features, but are not prepared to fall prey to the early bugs and hiccups. We know that Apple would have tested iOS 9 solidly, but there will always be bugs that are not apparent until released on a much larger scale, which will be very soon.

Do you plan to upgrade today, or will you be waiting for iOS 9.0.1 to be released?



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