Rock Band 4 setlist with DLC song fears

Rock Band fans now have the information that they are after, with Harmonix revealing the full Rock Band 4 setlist. Truth be told though, not everyone may be happy with the final outcome in terms of thinking that some of the ‘best’ songs may be saved for DLC.

Rock Band 4 is not due out until October 6 but now you get to look at what songs will be shipping with the base game and decide whether the purchase is worth it.

We know that Rock Band 4 is going to be supported with a ton of amazing DLC, but at the same time fans will want to see some of their popular requests make the main game so that they don’t have to pay extra.

Now, if you head to the full Rock Band 4 track list here you will be able to get that answer to the question you’ve all been asking – How many songs are there in Rock Band 4 on disc?


60 is the answer and some of the artists include Dream Theater, Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson, Van Morrison, Rush, The Who, Imagine Dragons and Rick Derringer – it’s not ‘Real American’ though on the latter sadly.

If you pre-order the game on PS4 as a PS Plus member, you can get 10 songs on top of the 60 which shows that the game is going to be geared towards offering DLC songs heavily after the game is out.

Check out the main list above though and let us know your personal thoughts on the song selection. Are you happy with the list, or do you agree that it could be worrying that all the best songs will require an additional purchase?



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