FIFA 16 Transfer Market for Web App opening time

If you already have your copy of FIFA 16 secured as a returning player from FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, EA has some great news for you.

In a matter of hours, EA will be opening up the FIFA 16 Transfer Market on the Web App and Companion App so that players can start their trading early before launch.

For those wanting to know what time is the FIFA 16 Transfer Market open, it will happen on September 17 – but only for those that have been verified as FUT 15 players.

EA has also said that players will first need start on the FIFA 16 Web app before moving over to the FIFA 16 Companion app on mobile.


Once everything has been set up though, the benefits begin as you can then start opening your returning user packs and start on your FIFA 16 Squad builder adventure before the game launches on September 22.

This means that once the game goes live, you should be able to give yourself an advantage by having a team ready to go and compete compared to newer players who will just be getting started.

Are you looking forward to using the FIFA 16 Web App early? – More details from EA on the Transfer Market here.



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