Destiny update notes for The Taken King

By Alan Ng - Sep 15, 2015

We have a quick heads-up for Destiny players now. For those wondering what the new Destiny update today was for, Bungie has issued a hotfix to fix some of the initial problems regarding Destiny’s The Taken King Collector’s Edition.

This file shouldn’t take long to download, but we have heard from some of you that there’s some confusion seeing a Destiny 17GB update today that most of you thought you already had – yet the PS4 is making you download it again.

The Destiny hotfix this week is the Destiny update and we have the notes direct from Bungie below – relating to the way items are delivered within the Collector’s Edition.


Hopefully those who are having issues with a long Destiny update today will be able to get some answers from Bungie as it could be a glitch that has occurred with the rollout of this minor hotfix.

Are you one of the ones who have experienced a big Destiny update file re-downloading again?

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  • Simon ‘Boom’ Fowler

    Anyone downloading the whole 17gb update again did it last week! bloody annoying was looking forward to playing now looks like I wont be on today!!! Any answers would be greatly appreciated

    • TwinStripeUK

      It’s actually TWO separate downloads – the first applied the levelling and quest changes, the second is the TTK content (which then simply unlocks when you enter the code).

      Annoying as hell for those who didn’t buy TTK, but pretty neat for those like me who did (because I left the console on standby and was playing TTK within 10 minutes of the Legendary Edition disc turning up)

  • Justin Todd

    I’m being forced to download the update again. This is ridiculous. Everyone is on playing and I have a 5 hour download left.

  • XxsnowybirdxX117

    What if you don’t have any of the expansions? there is no way of leveling past 34 without all the expansions there for the game is unfair and requires you to buy all the expansion packs (Including the taken king-Not sure but thats what it seems like-) I worked hard for my vangaurd marks and they just took it away all that hard work for nothing same with crucible marks now the game is pointless what is there to do? nothing i’ll keep playing and i’m just saying this because its unfair what if your poor and can’t get any of the expansions? and i’m not asking for anyone to give gift me a code for them i just want it to be fair for everyone who doesn’t have any of the expansions thank you for taking the time to read this if you do. ^^

    • XxsnowybirdxX117

      And sorry for my grammer i’m just pissed off i’m pretty sure you would feel the same if someone deleted all your hard work

      • TwinStripeUK

        Actually I’m pretty sure that as of Tuesday you can still level to 40, but just not have the additional content, and the Vanguard and Crucible marks should convert into Legendary Marks (at around a 1:50 ratio because Legendary items are technically ‘cheaper’.

        Not making excuses for them though, because if I’d bought the game and expansions separately through Year One it would have cost me £130 (around $200).

        Instead I bought the Legendary edition and paid £45 for it (around $70), which even with the original disc purchase comes to around $160.

        That’s a real slap in the face if you stuck with it through Year One, which is a shame because it’s definitely worth $60 to a new player.