WWE 2K16 Roster Reveal surprise, missing wrestlers

By Alan Ng - Sep 14, 2015

The WWE 2K16 roster reveal by IGN on September 14 has now arrived and there’s some big surprises. We knew that the New Day members Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston were certainties but now we have the rest of the roster to reveal.

Straight away, we’re going to waste no time in confirming that American Badass Undertaker is in WWE 2K16! Another big surprise is that 2K are even putting in ‘Stunning‘ Steve Austin which was the initial name of Steve Austin during his WCW days.

Other surprises in the WWE 2K16 roster are the same two versions of Sting from WWE 2K15, Ministry Undertaker, Savio Vega and Ricky the Dragon Steamboat.


Stephanie McMahon has finally been confirmed, while Rusev makes the cut too as expected. Do fans really want a slot to be taken up by the likes of Savio Vega, Mikey Whipwreck and Konnor though, when so many other names are going to miss out?

What about Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero, Razor Ramon and the Dudley Boyz? We don’t see the latter two on the roster despite the fact that they have just returned to WWE TV.

Give us your thoughts on the last slots on the roster and who you think deserves a slot more, than some of the confirmed names – make sure to recap official roster here.

Who has missed out that you really wanted to see?

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  • James

    Why not Rey Mysterio the boogeyman or Eddie Guerrero

  • Dan

    No road dogg is what is really confusing to me when billy gunn and xpac are in

  • Roderick Farrugia

    I really want to see eddie guerrero and goldberg

    • Kieran Rowe

      Am all for Eddie also maybe dean malenko he hasn’t been in one for ages and he still works for wwe today

  • confused clarity

    Savio Vega & Mikey Whipwreck both had feuds with Steve Austin. Clearly showcase mode is going to cover a large amount of Austin’s career. No issue with them being there as s result.

    • Kieran Rowe

      Wonder if there’ll be a ringmaster part of Austin’s showcase that was his first wwf name after all

    • Kieran Rowe


  • Ryan Alexandre

    Time for ppl to start crying as usual u ppl are never satisfied..Well I’m not a little baby I like the roster only thing I’m bummed about is the divas but that’s DLC so is soma Joe and other legends don’t cry about the Sudley they just cane bk ppl I mean I’m really suprised at the fresh faces they really did good on the roster (Expect Terminator smh whoever thought that should get smacked)Now let’s hope the game play is good and the tag matches are fixed since there’s so many tag teams in the game.

    • Kieran Rowe

      Yeah I agree mate although its a little confusing to see Eva Marie in there and no Charlotte, Becky, Bailey, or Sasha also Blake and Murphy??. Cant wait to see what dlc they come up with Samoa Joe ftw

  • Matthew

    Is Boogeyman in it, I really hope so!

  • jeremy

    uhh wheres the lod,demolition, hacksaw jim duggan, the natural diasters, jimmy hart, bobby the brain heenan, irs, ted dibasse, mr perfect, yokozuna,razor ramon the dudley boys, big boss man, another epic fail video game i wont be buying it biggest roster my azz, i could care less about the nxt and divas, should have made them dlc and put in other legends to entice us older fans best fail yet especially when they said roster space wouldnt be used on multiple wrestlers, now 3 undertakers 2 stephanie mcmahons epic fail lol garbage. savio vega is a wasted space, so are a bunch of other spots . should have made them all dlc, and gave us what we wanted, no questions lod, hacksaw jim duggan, mr perfect and demolition should have definately been apart of the game.

    • Kieran Rowe

      Yeah thought they said duplicates don’t count as part of the 120

    • Kieran Rowe

      However I gotta disagree about more legends you want to play as them there on the older games I think there should have been more nxt involvement especially the divas there a massive part todays wwe programming yeah nxt definitely deserve a push

  • Aaron Caldwell

    Stephanie was already confirmed…she is now in there twice. Now and Attitude era Steph.

  • Aaron Caldwell

    The entirety of the divas revolution? That abortion Eva Marie gets in…but no Charlotte, Sasha, Becky, or Bayley?!

    • Kieran Rowe

      Good point also Blake and murphy an rhyno

  • Gamer Life

    I really dont see aything good about a “biker” Undertaker and also Dudleys should be in or atleast dlc