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iPhone 6S RAM size doubled, still lags behind Galaxy S6

Since Apple held its event last Wednesday, many of you have been asking the same question, and that is what is the iPhone 6S RAM size. As always, Apple never shares such information, but new details have come to light telling us that the amount of memory being used in the new 2015 iPhone model update is 2GB.

If this is in fact true, then the iPhone 6S RAM size has doubled compared to its predecessor. However, with that it mind, the iPhone 6S RAM still lags behind its rival, the Samsung Galaxy S6, as this makes use of 3GB.

iPhone 6S graphics

Don’t let that put you off though, as many of you are aware that Apple not only designs the hardware, but also the OS as well, meaning there are no compromises. It’s for this reason why the iPhone never needs to have as much RAM compared to rival Android devices, and its not very often that it suffers from lag.

A RAM upgrade for the iPhone has been long overdue, and we suspect that 3D Touch is the main feature that demands the use of more RAM on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. It is the hope that with double the amount of RAM, owners of these new iPhones will now be able to have more Safari windows open without having to relaunch it, and also offer a far better experience compared to the current models.

Just for your information, the iPad Pro RAM size is reported to be 4GB, which will also help to offer an awesome experience for enterprise users.



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