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Enchanting in Minecraft PE 0.12.1 explained

If you haven’t heard, the Minecraft PE 0.12.1 download on iOS and Android is now live after a long wait! Straight away, we can see that many of you are asking how to enchant in Minecraft PE 0.12.1, so we have a couple of tutorials to set you on the right path.

Enchanting items in Minecraft PE can be a daunting task if you haven’t done it before since there are various steps that you need to complete to set up the preparation process before you can actually start crafting.

We have picked out an excellent video below, showing you exactly what you need to do. The video is actually for Minecraft PE 0.12.0, but the same process is involved and this particular video is the one which you will find most useful – racking up almost 250,000 views so far.


Failing that, you may want to check out this visual guide which shows included screenshots on how to Enchant weapons in Minecraft PE 0.12.1.

Finally, for those that specifically want to know how to use the Anvil to Enchant in Minecraft PE 0.12.1, another guide is available for you here.

Check out all of the information on Enchanting that we have provided and let us know how you get on. Also, give us your overall thoughts below on this fantastic new update that Mojang has given to everyone this week.



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