GTA Online servers down Sept 10 with Rockstar status

There has been some problems with GTA Online servers down on September 10. While it doesn’t appear to be a widespread outage at this point, we do have confirmed downtime for some users.

At the time of writing, Rockstar Support has yet to officially put out a statement on GTA Online problems today although they are actively replying to users today who have been having issues.

Meanwhile, the official Rockstar server status page suggests that there are no problems – meaning that it isn’t updated in realtime.


You can see from some of the feedback above on Twitter that some users cannot sign into GTA Online at the moment, so hopefully Rockstar are planning to investigate.

Given that Rockstar’s Support team are already addressing the issue, hopefully those who can’t play GTA Online right now will be able to connect soon.

As we wait for news from Rockstar on this, let us know if you have had any problems joining GTA Online servers on September 10 since there has been no planned maintenance.



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