Fallout 4 PS4 mods after Xbox One confirmed

By Alan Ng - Sep 10, 2015

We have some nice Fallout 4 news to confirm to you now, direct from Bethesda. The developer has now given PS4 owners the information they are after by confirming that Fallout 4 PS4 mods will be coming to the game after launch.

Prior to this announcement, the only information that we had was that PC owners would first be getting the Fallout 4 Creation Kit to design mods starting from Early 2016.

Then after a period of time, the mods created would be available on Xbox One first – thanks to a partnership Bethesda announced with Microsoft at E3 2015.

Now, we can finally say that these mods will definitely be available on PS4 too but after Xbox One owners have had the chance to play with them first.


Bethesda confirmed this in a news post on their website on September 9 which you can read in full here. It also confirms that a Fallout 4 Season Pass is on the way, which we’ll talk about in a separate article later today.

PS4 owners, are you happy that mods are now confirmed but disappointed that you will have to wait due to another exclusivity deal?

Let us know what type of mods you are looking to see on console and if you are worried that certain mods may be restricted.

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  • kevin mole

    mods ruins the saves of your games anyway I just want to play the real game cant wait.

    • Ken J

      Um… No they don’t…. Maybe because you’re a console gamer you’re not too familiar with mods, but unless you get a story editing mod, they do not do a thing to your saves… Most mods are just cosmetic, so your saves will load with or without the mods activated.