Life Is Strange Episode 5 wait drags on

By Alan Ng - Sep 9, 2015

The demand to see a Life is Strange Episode 5 release date is sky high at the moment, with fans taking to Twitter to vent their frustration out of sheer anxiety mixed with excitement.

While we obviously all want to see some new content released for the game as soon as possible, what we can say is that we love how the developers at Dontnod Entertainment are so friendly and active on Twitter.

They actually have to be one of the most active developers on Twitter right now, as we frequently see them responding to fan questions on a daily basis.


Communication with fans is vital in developing a strong relationship and reputation of course, but despite the fact that Dontnod are bombarded with the same question every day – ‘When is Episode 5 for Life is Strange out’, they are still on hand to reply in a nice manner.

Other developers simply choose to ignore these kinds of questions, but it’s great to see this level of fan-developer interaction for Life is Strange and long may it continue.

Fans continue to discuss the Life is Strange ending here, so join the debate and have your say while we wait for new content.

Do you agree that you are not too unhappy about the wait, since the developers are so in tune with keeping fans happy with regular communication and feedback on Twitter?

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  • cz

    Give it until October & I’m sure it’ll be out. This FINAL episode is worth any wait since.. it’s the conclusion to the story. It’s better to get worked up over when it is coming out than to get it now & it be done & over with. It’s only been a month & a half since the last episode. Be patient, we must.

    • Ben the Nerd

      There should be more people thinking like this about every game ever.

  • mrsilencecat

    the only sad part of episodic games xD

  • Alix


  • britone

    look on the bright side…..”THE WORLD IS A GREAT BIG ONION”…so try not to cry when these things happen lol

    • Ben the Nerd

      What? lol

      • britone


  • Garth Lechner

    >__< but I need this episode 5 nowwww I'm jonesing hard =(

    • Ben the Nerd

      Better wait 1 more month at least. You know you need to. If you don’t wait, you’ll get an unfinished game (like Assassin’s Creed: Unity on day 1). Know that feel, tho.

  • Jody

    Just give a damn release date. it isn’t that much to ask for. Yes, it is refreshing to see the developers speak to their fans but come on. A release date is not that unfair to ask for. Even if it is a rough one. I mean, do I have to wait just a couple more days, weeks, months, what??

    • Giving a release date, even a vague one, when your team is not sure when the game is going to be completed is the biggest way to piss off your fanbase. If they themselves had any idea how much longer it was going to be, there would be a release date by now.

    • life359

      You obviously have never worked in software development or you’d understand that giving a release date for a piece of software is NEVER a good idea. If you commit to a specific date it means corners are cut to meet that date and the final product is never ready. Look at every Assassin’s Creed game – garbage on day one with 2GB patches.

      • Ben the Nerd

        You’re thinking about Assassin’s Creed: Unity. 😛 Not every Assassin’s Creed game was like that. Just because one had big problems (like Unity) doesn’t mean every other game has.

  • Nope

    The Life Is Strange team are really active with their fans. I’ve seen them share a lot of posts from IG on their website. It’s so awesome that they do that.

  • UG14

    It would take a few more weeks at least to see some updates about the last episode but as much as i’m excited to see what will happen i’m still very sad cuz it’s going to be the last time that we see Max Caulfield ever again. ;(

    • Ben the Nerd

      Unless they do another episodic adventure with Max Caulfield? Or possibly her kids?

  • Nirvana

    Out already, can’t wait! >,<

  • hello i am big fan of life is strange and cant wait for episode 5