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iPhone 6S UK release sparks O2 Recycle trade-in frenzy

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus was announced today, and now that we know the price and release date of these two new models, this has sparked an O2 Recycle frenzy, as people look to sell their current handsets a little early in order to try and get the better price. Some of our readers have also been asking about iPhone 6S Carphone Warehouse pricing, but the UK mobile phone and tablet retailer has yet to offer those details just yet.

Before you get too carried away, you might want to hold off just a little bit until you see the iPhone 6S on O2, as it is still not there yet. We are uncertain when the website will be updated, although we highly doubt this will stop some of you from seeing how much you can get for your current device and put it towards the cost of a new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus.

iPhone 6S at UK O2

We can fully understand why people want to react so early, because once the new iPhones have been released, which will be on September 25th, and up for pre-order this Saturday, September 12th, we suspect that prices on O2 Recycle and Carphone Warehouse Trade-in will de reduced significantly.

Will you be trading in your current iPhone model early to beat the rush and get the better price, or will you wait until the new models are released so you do not have to do without a phone?



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