Fans won’t let Mortal Kombat X PS3, Xbox 360 die

By Alan Ng - Sep 9, 2015

Despite the fact that NetherRealm Studios put out a statement recently saying that Mortal Kombat X for PS3 and Xbox 360 had been cancelled, we can still see that some fans are refusing to let the game die.

New petitions are still being set up, asking NetherRealm to reverse their decision and find a way to bring the game back to life.

NetherRealm said in their initial statement that they ‘could not’ release Mortal Kombat X for PS3 and Xbox 360 as the team couldn’t meet the ‘quality expected for a Mortal Kombat game’.


That statement was on August 28, but almost two weeks later we still see fans begging for the game to come out. Even Ed Boon felt the need to comment on the desire, replying to a fan asking for the game by saying that he ‘wishes it was that simple’.

The reality is that the decision was probably a very difficult one given the previous promises to develop and more importantly, all of the pre-orders that Warner Bros now have to honor with refunds.

There are numerous petitions still alive, although truth be told there doesn’t appear to be much movement now that the dream has been shattered for most fans.


Some still argue that they shouldn’t have to be forced to upgrade to newer hardware, but do you believe that this argument is now redundant with many developers now focusing primarily on next-gen only and off-sourcing last-gen versions to other studios?

It happened with Batman Arkham Knight on PC and now it has happened with Mortal Kombat X. Give us your thoughts on the unfortunate fate of MKX for last-gen.

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  • Jeferson Sousa

    eu quero mkx na antiga geração!!

  • marieseiffert

    Thanks for the article Alan! Just want to inform all folks who live outside US that Xbox 360 is a great media Player. If you want to access Netflix and other streaming stations on your Xbox 360 you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.

  • frostymarvelous

    Has anyone thought of the technological barriers at all? Or am I the only one who plays with computers? Seriously people, If they could, they would.
    They must likely focused on the Current Gen so much when they were done, they realised it old be impossible to port and keep the same level of quality.
    I’m not saying that is it, but it’s plausible. Let’s not be so distrustful all the time. Dropping a project after money is poured in does not a profit make and these guys do this for profit or are at least are run by guys who do.

    Flame on!

  • Daniel Isherwood

    I agree with all of you 1 where’s the choice there used to be you could play on the older consoles if you can’t afford the latest and also with a popular franchise like Mortal kombat your saying you want people to give up hope on a franchise they have loved for so long and you gained money out of why not pay the.people back by doing this 1 last favor at least? If it wasn’t for alot of the fans on Mortal kombat and afew other games you might not be doing so well all we ask is this 1 thing if you wanna risk losing the support of alot.of the fans it’s your choice but think about it and see what makes.the most sense and if you don’t want conflicts from the fans you shouldnt have put it up for the previous gen in the first place.

  • Todd G

    A game built on 360 is easier to port to Xbone, unfortunately Xbone to 360 would be next to impossible.

    • The Tall Man

      bu-bu-bu-bu-bullshit It is not that… since they had a company apparently doing so this whole time. I am done with Netherrealm after this which sucks since MK was my favorite fighting game series since probably age 4

      • Nathan huber

        You do realize it was Warner Bros. That pulled the plug on it right? Not Netherrealm. Warner Bros. (The publisher) gives money to Netherrealm (The Developer) the money to make the game before it’s released to make the game, Warner Bros. (The publisher) takes their cut back from sales of the game. Warner Bros. (The Publisher) makes all the calls and Netherrealm (The developer) needs to do what Warner Bros. (The publisher) says otherwise Netherrealm (The developer) loses the support and can no longer make the game since they will be fired and Warner Bros. (The publisher) owns the rights and licsense and Netherrealm (the developer) can no longer make their game. I swear people need to learn some business marketing and also learn the difference between the developer and publisher and what each one does.

  • Pranav

    It feels like someone told me that you aint gonna get water from today!!!!!!!! We love MKX and we want it to come back ASAP!!!!!!!

  • Fahmy Hamza

    Im so agree thank you so much mk x makers 😉 i dont know what to say thank you and ed boon you the man

  • Fahmy Hamza

    Yes yes yes thank you so much ed boon seriously you the best thank you just the makers make it not good dont forced yourselfs 😉 😀 im. So happy now thank you ed boon you make my dAy :’D

  • Easy

    Consoles are pieces of scrap. Build a PC connect it to a TV and you have a powerful media center which is as well cheaper, and you can play games on it too.

    • frostymarvelous

      Cheaper? In what world do you PC game?

  • Mkchamp92

    I do not want MKX to be on last gen. the game would look horrible, have you seen the comparisons of last gen to new gen. It makes last gen look bad. The games for this gen has quality far superior. All the people working on these games want to focus on this gen. They don’t want to spend their time on obsolete technology. If you’re complaining about people not being able to buy a new system, that’s not a good excuse. Gaming technology is pushing forward (just like everything else) Stop trying to keep the old systems alive, they have been around for over 7 years they have passed their prime. It’s time to join the future of gaming.

  • Pauledge

    Bet some people still want them to make PS2 games. Maybe bring back cassette tapes and VHS also.

    • The Tall Man

      no, some people have no way to afford the new consoles like myself but enjoy MK immensely. I would get a ps4 if I could go a month without eating.

      • Pauledge

        If you were to put 10 bucks a paycheck when they first went on sale, you could have bought 3 of them by now.

        • The Tall Man

          Says a person not on permanent disability for uncontrollable circumstances…. <_< talking on what you know nothing about just makes one seem idiotic…

      • Nathan huber

        Go a few months without buying new games. Wait on 7 games you want and right there is your shiny new system. I don’t get paid much and this is how I got my ps4. If I can do it everyone else with lower incomes can as well, this is really no longer an acceptable excuse for not upgrading especially after 2 years now.

  • IamImme

    Totally agree that the Xb1 and Ps4 were released too early. While yes they have superior tech inside the ps3 and 360 are still showing that gamers play them, they want them, and it isn’t necessary to upgrade, that is just what sony and microsoft want…your money. I bought three 360’s and rebuilt and repaired my last one five times, on my third ps3. I’ve just recently picked up the ps4 and only because fallout4 Is nexgen only but It wasnt a quick or easy purchase shelling out big money for a console that will surely breakdown like its predecessors. I think if these companies didnt have gamers by the balls things would be a little different. Quality and commitment to customers are two things they care little for.

  • Matt Rundle

    we are currently seeing very good quality with ps3 and 360. Rise of the tomb raider and Metal gear solid 5 phantom pain looks very good on the consoles, Cod black ops
    3 is also looking good on the consoles.
    It’s proof that these games designed for xbox one, ps4 are capable on 360,ps3 but not only that it’s showing the consoles can be pushed further still, meaning one and ps4 were released early and some developers abandoned these consoles too early. Third party Developers aren’t to know whether the consoles are capable, they didn’t design them.

    There’s still a lot you can do with them and get them to do if it’s done right and you have the right people to look at it on projects, it makes me wonder how exclusive titles would run if they were done the right way look at each part and tell the story in a different kinda way