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Boom Beach October 2015 update features confirmed

It’s been a few months since the last major Boom Beach update, and so we now look ahead in anticipation as to the next Boom Beach update, which is estimated to arrive in October – if everything goes to plan. Supercell has taken to their forum to ask the community what they would like to see, and we can already see that the developers have confirmed what they have been working on.

Supercell has received a great deal of suggestions in regards to what users would like to see implemented in the next Boom Beach update. They have recently confirmed what the Boom Beach October update features will be.

Next Boom Beach update

Some of these new features are even more achievements, improvements to the Hammerman attacks you event, Co-Leader rank, making it more worthwhile gaining VPs, the ability to see who has not done their operation attack, and even a new prototype weapon.

Boom Beach game developers are also thinking about a few other features, although are not actively developing them, and so we can only assume they will be implemented in a future Boom Beach update after Octobermaybe one timed for Christmas?

We know that many of you have some great ideas on what the next update can bring, and the video we have embedded for you below is a fine example of that.



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