AT&T outage on Sept 9 in Kansas city

By Peter Chubb - Sep 9, 2015

We are getting reports that there is an AT&T outage today, September 9, 2015 across 9 states, with Kansas being the hardest hit. People are complaining that they are unable to call, text or even use mobile data.

AT&T has not said how long the service will be down for, and so we will just have to wait and see if we will get any sort of AT&T status update anytime soon.

AT&T outage on Sept 9 in Kansas city

However, from what we can make out from what Product Reviews readers tell us, most of the AT&T outage issues on Sept 9 are in Kansas city, and it is clear people are not happy at all. We can fully understand why that would be, especially as the network has yet to update its customers as to why there is an issue.

The AT&T service in Kansas has been down since 7am local time, and we have no clue as to how much longer it will be down for. There is also no service in Springfield, Nixa MO, and Missouri.

If you are having issues with AT&T today, then please let us know in the comments section below.

Update: AT&T has taken to Twitter to thank its customers for their patience, and they are currently gathering examples of the issues people are having so that they can then work to resolve them. However, they have yet to issue any sort of timescale as to when this will be.

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  • Avon Stephenie Wilson

    Problems in Amazonia, Savannah and St Joseph Missouri

  • Michael Mauldin

    No cell service in Liberty Hill, TX 78642 Sept 9 from 10am CDT for 2 hours at least….

  • KS Girl

    No service in Pittsburg Ks but i can text

  • Sharron Yother Harris

    No phone service in Eudora KS. It is showing Emergency Calls Only tho.

  • Mrs. C

    Service out in Lawrence, KS … messages delayed by 10 minutes if text only. Pix messages, delayed by 3 hours. North of Lawrence by Williamstown, KS = same problems. Oskaloosa, KS = same issues as in Lawrence.
    Thank you AT&T for working so hard to fix this problem! We appreciate EVERYONE who is trying to help!

  • Dustin Bigdog Hogan

    Problems here is Fordland<MO. Strange thing is we have 3 lines, 2 are not working but the 3rd is.

  • Nathan Taylor

    Issues in Olathe and Lees Summit this morning

  • guestbmr123r

    Saint Joseph mo no service only can use data

  • Sarahbeth Craker Nedwed

    Joplin is out too

  • Katrina

    No ATT cell service in Lee’s Summit, MO. Any idea if this will be down for hours, or just minutes.

  • Kathy

    Just spoke to ATT customer service and in a chat they explained they have an outage. It will be fixed within the next 24 to 48 hours until the problem is resolved

  • Michelle

    AT&T outage in Joplin, Webb City, Oronogo as well.

  • Stephan

    Looking for a job and waiting on a few calls, no service in Dekalb MO means no calls.

  • Wendy

    No AT&T service in Springfield, MO. Looks like a number of areas, including most of Kansas city.