Apple live stream cutting out and freezing

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 9, 2015

The Apple keynote is live now and sadly the video stream is freezing, or cutting out, for thousands and this is clear by looking at social discussion. While trying to watch news about the new iPad Pro, Apple pencil and other devices it’s making watching very difficult for some.

Of course, this won’t be the same experience for everyone considering these Apple live stream problems could be related to certain locations. Others might have local network issues, but there’s no doubt people are being impacted by the feedback we’ve received and tweets seen.


You can see one such tweet above and this fan explained, “Apple fix your stream. It keeps freezing and cutting out”. In our experience most of the video has been fine without issues, but it’s obvious things are not working right for a few people.


Are you having problems with the Apple live stream freezing or cutting out? Leave a comment below if you have issues and whether this is on the Apple TV, directly at the website through a browser, or another method.

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  • Clive payne

    I used to be able to watch a race via betfair live streaming. Now it cuts out without warning. Any ideas

  • Ben

    I have been able to watch most of the keynote so far, but it just crashed and keeps freezing. Going to restart my router now and hopefully that helps fix it.

  • Mike

    Keeps freezing for me, guess a lot of people are watching.