Apple event today, TV countdown live

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 9, 2015

The next Apple event is today and the companies little TV box is now showing a live countdown to the keynote start time. Of course, the starting time is different by region with 10AM PDT being officially stated on the announcement invitations, but the clock counting down is going to be the same for everyone.

If you open up your Apple TV you will see the events icon, as shown in the screenshot below, which went live just a couple of hours ago. After clicking “Apple Events”, you will be taken to a screen showing the local time for Apple’s September 9 live event video stream. This screenshot details the UK start time, but it will be local to you no matter if that’s India, various states across the United States, or anywhere else.

The countdown clock currently starts in just over 10 hours at the time of writing and while this is the same for all, by the time you read this article it will no doubt be a lot less than 10 hours until the Apple event starts today. This is why we included another countdown timer below for the Sept 9, 2015 keynote.


You will also be able to watch the keynote live on, as well as other places online. If you are looking for official streaming, then we recommend accessing this via Apple TV devices and the main website.

Take a look at the countdown below and also leave your comments with personal predictions. Current rumors include an iPad Pro, 4th-gen Apple TV, and a smaller 4-inch iPhone 6S as well.

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  • Mikey

    Personally, I only want to see a new Apple TV, as already upgraded my iPhone last year, so will wait until the iPhone 7 is released in 2016.

  • Ben

    I really want that new Apple TV, the 4th generation is long overdue. Also, like the idea of a smaller iPhone 6S.