Xbox Live servers down with Sept 8 surprise

By Alan Ng - Sep 8, 2015

It looks like Microsoft are running into some problems with Xbox Live servers down for Xbox One and Xbox 360 on September 8. This is a surprise to many users as the official Xbox live status page suggests that there isn’t any issues.

There hasn’t been any planned Xbox Live maintenance today either as far as we’re aware. Right now though at the time of writing, we can definitely say that we can’t sign in to Xbox Live for some reason.


We can see right away that we’re not the only ones having issues too. We’ve included some live feedback from Twitter showing that the issues appear to be happening globally too with Xbox Live down in UK, US and Australia among other countries.

It’s worth nothing that today is when the Destiny update 2.0 for Xbox One is live, while the FIFA 16 Xbox One demo should also be available – we’re unsure as to whether this is related to the outage though.


We’ll try to find an response from Microsoft on this for you, but in the meantime give us your status below and we’ll update this with more information.

Is Xbox Live down for you right now?

Update: Several hours later, Xbox Live is still down for all Xbox 360 users. Not great for those trying to download the FIFA 16 demo.

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  • Fahmy Hamza

    Yes i cant connect on xbox live i connect like 10 or 5 min and it disconnected :'( wtf

  • flesheater

    XBL is up for me, VA, U.S.A. Destiny update is super slow. 72% done, since 6pm last night. Least it’s not suck at 52% still. 4 hours suck at 52%.

  • DruShady

    Xbox 360 down. 9:50 pm eastern time. During destiny taken king download. Using rj45, not wireless.

  • Coty Patton

    This is absolutely dumb. I was looking forward to playing the updated Destiny and I can’t because Xbox is down in Phx Az. You would think with all of the money that we pay Microsoft that they would be better prepared than this

  • Joel Collicott

    Cannot connect at all 🙁

  • Gavin Coyco

    I’m so excited about the new Minecraft PE update 0.12.0!! Please Mojang! I’ve been waiting for that update like in summer and August!! Please release the update Mojang!! PLEASSSSSSEEEEEE!!!!

  • Mike Greenway

    Been playing online with Xbox one all morning without problems.

  • Reba Brouillard

    X box live is back up! Posting from NY!

  • Donation Lang


  • twirk313

    its back up for me

  • boo

    PC Gaming doesn’t have such problems…

  • Ben MacLellan

    The servers are down because there is an update for destiny, the game has crashed xbox live on the past 2 DLC and the new one “Taken King” is going to be bigger than the first game and the 2 DLC together, its so big they are doing it in 3/4 smaller updates and its going to finish on the 15th. This was for the pvp part of the update and its crashed the live network. Xbox should have been prepared for this, I have lost my account because xbox can’t download profiles.

  • bharat

    when i connect without logging in it connects to xbox live, but when i log in after connecting to live, an error comes up. Hope it gets fixed fast i need to get fifa 16 demo.

  • Bryce nevitt

    Maybe it will update when everyone is back on

  • bharat

    down in india

  • Bryce nevitt

    Where the heck did the update go

  • Mauricio Rocha

    Online again in Brazil

  • Joe Cochran

    Back on in Ohio

  • Bryce nevitt

    Dahell im on but no update

  • Eli Morrissey

    Down in Tulsa Oklahoma

  • stephen smith

    Update* Literally after posting they are back online for me. UK users try resetting. 😉

  • Dustin DF

    Down in germany

  • Bryce nevitt

    I was able to get on but no update

  • Tony Vera

    Down in nashville tennessee still

  • stephen smith

    Still down ever since most recent dashboard update. Xbox seemingly NEVER fail to dissapoint at the worst possible moments. Decent console but TERRIBLE AWFUL servers, even when they ARE up. So regret not buying PS4

    • Juan g

      I had to redownload profile

    • Reba Brouillard

      But ps4 has been hacked on multiple occasions. Its just a temporary problem I’m sure they have the best of the best trying to fix it

  • Antony Clewer

    I live in UK and I cannot sign into Xbox Live, been having this issue all morning and afternoon 😞

  • Lex Luthor

    Guys is it Down on Xbox one and 360 or just 360

    • orkenman12


    • Antony Clewer

      Both 360 and Xbox One I’m afraid

  • Matthew Watene

    Down in New Zealand

  • orkenman12

    Lost it here over 3 hrs ago

  • Ashley Napoli

    down in texas

  • Bryce nevitt

    Well at least i wont feel left out

  • orkenman12

    Down in maine

  • Lex Luthor

    I’m able to sign in

  • Linda Hall

    Still down in Tennessee

  • Donation Lang

    Still down why

  • Bryce nevitt

    5:40 in cali still down god damnit

  • gg

    Still down in niedersachsen (germany)

  • Maciej Szymański

    Down in Poland

  • Alexander

    Still down in California

  • Mauricio Rocha

    Down in Brazil

  • macwild500

    Still down here in Minnesota, USA

  • William Howard

    Down in Florida no destiny update for me

  • djbazworth

    All ps4 people will be playing 2.0 Destiny While us xbox live get Error Code 8015820a thanxs Microsoft

    • Ryan Theuma

      we playstation players get this more frequently … for once its not us hehe

  • Linda Hall

    Its down for me as well. It went out last time destiny had a big update also. Seems funny huh

  • Rebecca

    Why cant I download my old account please tell me

  • Jim Blasko

    Xbox Live Core Services Limited

    Affected platforms: Xbox 360
    xbox 360 outage; Xbox Live Core Services,
    Affected services: Signing into Xbox Live
    9/8/2015 4:46:05 AM CST:

    We know you’re having difficulty signing in to Xbox Live, and our best engineers are working to get it fixed ASAP. Thanks for your patience in the meantime. We’ll update you as soon as there are any changes.

  • Dr Wooll

    Down in Uk too… has been for 4 hours

  • Sean Ross

    Still no connection, east coast, United States

  • Milo (not quick)

    Down down down down down….. to boogie town

  • Snotblock

    Bugger I have to communicate with my wife now.

    • Evilestbuxton86

      Lol that’s brilliant

  • rusty bongwater

    Down in cali, somewhat. The misses is still logged in on her account watching netflix, i hopped on the second sexbox to play some gta and could not log in. I kept getting disconnected from live. Oh well time to go play hide the pickle instead

    • Sean Ross

      Gonna feed the ham wallet a meat musket you say? Lol

  • Yves Roland N’Dja New

    Down here in India too

  • Victor Bitonti

    Canada is down to

  • Dawn Marie Johanson

    Down as of 6:30 am. Eastern United States.

  • Mattttttttt

    UK Down

  • Luke Nova Appleby

    down in Australia

  • xMx twitch

    Any cod players wanna play when it’s back ? gT xMx Twitch 360 tho

  • Gage Kieran Gauthier

    and in canada

  • Gage Kieran Gauthier

    I thought my gamer tag was jaked and I removed my account form my xbox now I see the problem I was going to Netflix and chill

    • Victor Bitonti

      Ya i deleted mine to thought i got hacked an changed my password an everything an still not letting me redownload it

  • Ewen Prime Rogers

    I can not sign in even tho I tested my connection and it said every thing is working 🙁 I’m so confused I hope its fixed

  • Tyrus K. Stewart

    THIS Is bull crap I pay good money for live I should get a full 4 on the for free

  • LegoMom Ciara

    It would be nice if Xbox service status would be updated but nooo . Have to search third party sites while doing unnecessary troubleshooting at home . what is life?!?!?! 🙂

  • LegoMom Ciara

    Down here in AZ. Kicked out of Destiny and can’t get back into Xbox Live at all

    • xMx twitch

      Xbox ? When it’s back up xMx Twitch

      • Victor Bitonti

        Add DJCLOWNIN

  • Grant Stewart

    Yeah its down in New Zealand too.

  • Dratheon

    I am also having issues signing due to disconnecting from xbox live. I am wondering if this is going to continue through the night.

  • Tim Whipple

    Down in Canada too. I was playing up until 2:20 AM Pacific Standard Time then turned off the XBOX and then back on to see if the Destiny 2.0 reset was live yet and now I’m unable to sign into live even though all my connections and tests were fine. Time for bed I suppose gonna have to check back in in a few hours !!

    From : V3N0M 313

  • Huey Tokalahunu

    Y now of all times?

  • SnideFuzz

    down here in NY yall

  • Robert Foraker

    whenever I go to sign in it keeps saying disconnected from xbox live

  • Greg Lindesay

    Down on east coast to smells like a dos attack again

  • Randi Ball

    Of course live is down. It’s worked all bloody day for my boyfriend… Now it’s down for who knows how bloody long?

  • xMx twitch

    But yeah it’s down in south west US

  • xMx twitch

    I try to test connection every thing appears good but when I try and sighn into my account it disconnects me

  • richnk95

    it’s down here on van. island BC.. it says i can connect to xbox live when i test the connection, but when i go to sign in it says “Disconnected from Xbox Live”.