FIFA 16 Remote Play with control layout confirmed

Now that we have the FIFA 16 demo running on our system, we wanted to confirm one of the most requested questions that fans have been asking – yes, FIFA 16 will have Remote Play with PS Vita.

When you boot up the demo, there is already an option for Remote Play to try it out, allowing you to ‘stream FIFA 16 video and gameplay’ direct to your PS Vita.

Even better, we can already bring you a full look at the FIFA 16 Remote Play control layout with PS Vita – giving Vita owners a useful heads-up in advance before the full game is out.


We know that many of you still adore using your PS Vita for Remote Play, so this is going to be great news for a lot of you we feel.

Right now, the demo is still rolling out slowly to all regions so hopefully you’ll be playing yourselves very soon.

Take a look at the FIFA 16 Remote Play button layout above and let us know your thoughts on this. Will you be playing FIFA 16 on your PS Vita away from the TV due to family reasons?



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