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Windows 10 update for Lumia 535 release demand

Many Nokia Lumia 535 owners have been asking themselves the same question recently, on whether or not the Lumia 535 will get an upgrade to Windows 10.

At the moment, the Lumia 535 Windows 10 update is available but only via the technical preview which many users say contains bugs and isn’t worth the effort downloading.

As far as we’re aware, there has been no word from Microsoft regarding the official Lumia 535 Windows 10 update release date. However, given that the partition stitching upgrade allowed the Lumia 535 to be on the official supported list – many consumers are under the impression that it is still on the way.


You can see from an example of some recent feedback this week above, that this is clearly a topic that is on the mind of many Lumia 535 owners right now.

If you want Microsoft to speed up the process, make your voices heard below and let Microsoft know that you want to see the update sooner rather than later.

Are you waiting for the Windows 10 update for Lumia 535 in your country?



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