New iOS 9 update ‘available’ today in error

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 7, 2015

Our in-house developer received a message pointing to a new iOS 9 update available today on his iPhone 6 Plus, which comes shortly before the Gold Master is expected to go live on Wednesday. Those in the UK have received this message on Sept 7, although many developers in the United States saw an upgrade notice on Sept 6, 2015.

The exact message seen on an iPhone states, “A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 9 beta”. We have also received reports on Twitter that this includes iPad betas as well, but the update menu doesn’t reveal the iOS 9 GM or public release.

It’s not clear why messages are being sent out and then the iOS 9 download is missing. For some developers, they closed the pop-up message too quickly and needed to search social channels to find out what it said.


You can see the exact message above that we can only guess is a server side glitch on Apple’s end. This no doubt signals something going on in preparation for the iOS 9 GM release date expected to go live for download on Wednesday about 12 NOON PST, 8PM UK time.

If you are waiting to download the iOS 9 public update, then sadly you have another 2 weeks yet and this won’t be going live after the iPhone 6S event. The false upgrade message will certainly be confusing some over the schedule, although we’ve published the expected release time for iOS 9 GM in this article.

Did you receive this message on your iPhone or iPad, if so what model are you using?

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  • ODWms

    On my iPhone 6 Plus for the third time, on Sept 12, 2015.

  • Joe Di Fede

    On my iPhone 6 and iPad 3 for the second time on 9/10/15

  • K2

    I got the pop up on my iPhone 6 Plus on Sept. 6th

  • Scott Weidig

    iPhone 6 and Apple Watch – Dev Betas – got the pop message on the 6th -U.S.

  • ourdoc

    iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 both on dev. Beta.

  • Igor

    Yes on my ipad too

  • Ken Jackson

    iPhone 6 & iPad Air on public beta at midnight ?

  • Rohit

    Will the public beta users get the GM on 9th or have to wait till it goes live for everyone else

  • Frankie

    iPhone 5S at 12:30PM

  • mcnaugha

    It’s Golden Master not Gold Master. A Gold Master is a physical disc for the manufacture of other discs.

    • ourdoc

      Actually Apple and the majority in the business call it Gold Master. For instance: “CUPERTINO, CA—March 7, 2001—Apple® today announced that Mac® OS X, the nextgeneration Macintosh® operating system, is complete and the “gold master”has been released to manufacturing for production. ” From Apples Website.

      • mcnaugha

        This 15 year old article was referring to the days when Apple sent the physical gold disc to the CD/DVD manufacturing plants. I’ve been arguing this case for years and this is the article I use to support the use of gold only for physical discs. The article detailing Apple’s use of golden is only viewable in the Way Back Archive now but those who have worked for and with the right parts of Apple know that they only use golden in their software versioning. So today when they say GM is is strictly golden and not gold as they don’t do physical discs anymore.

        • ourdoc

          Which means nothing as the term GM meaning Gold Master has been around for decades, even longer than CD’s have been around.

          “The term “release to manufacturing”, also known as “going gold”, is a term used when a software product is ready to be delivered or provided to the customer. This build may be digitally signed, allowing the end user to verify the integrity and authenticity of the software purchase. A copy of the RTM build known as the “gold master” or GM is sent for mass duplication. RTM precedes general availability (GA), when the product is released to the public.”

          And they do still do physical discs, you just have to pay extra for them as they aren’t necessary for most.

  • Alex Miranda

    I knew I accidentally clicked close on something important, but wait I’m not on iOS 9 beta. iPhone 6 8.4

  • stan2000

    Just saw the message on my iPad Air 2 with no update available. Using the public beta.

  • Neil4S

    I keep checking to see if beta 6, but it’s not showing up after the message.

  • Patrick

    Saw the update last night 22:00 PST on my iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad 4th generation. Kept checking since but it’s still unavailable

  • Tim

    Saw the iOS 9 update message on my iPhone 6 as well just now, nothing available though.