Leaked PS4 3.0 update video shows Communities

Sony are currently beta testing PS4 firmware update 3.0, but inevitably we can see that some users are not sticking to the NDA and have continued to leak out information regarding some of the new features coming with the next major update.

As a result, we can bring you a look at some of those features now, particularly PS4 Communities which we know a lot of you are looking forward to using.

PSN user ‘Montay H’ has risked the wrath of Sony by making this PS4 3.0 video public on the YouTube channel SuperShad27.

Sony clearly states that those luckily enough to test the beta early should not leak out information in advance – but here we are with a video.


It’s surprising that the footage hasn’t been removed yet, which could be an indication that Sony are not planning to come down hard on those not playing by the rules of the beta.

Either way, it’s a great early look at some of the features so we suggest you watch it while you still can. Communities look really impressive, while the new Events menu is looking good too.

For those that have watched the same clip, give us your thoughts on it below and if you are excited for this firmware to drop very soon.

Remember you can recap Sony’s partial 3.0 feature list here, while there’s one undocumented feature coming here.



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