Destiny Weekly Reset with no Daily Mission, Heroic Strike

By Alan Ng - Sep 7, 2015

We have an important heads-up for Destiny players now. Come tomorrow, many of you will be wondering why there is no Destiny Daily mission or Weekly Strike this week.

Bungie has confirmed this as fact, but with good reason. The developer is preparing for arguably the biggest update that the game has seen yet with the Destiny patch 2.0 on September 8.

This monumental update is just hours away and will move Destiny into the Year Two phase. We have already told you what is going to happen in this update here and the best thing about it is that it comes with an early preview of The Taken King.


So make sure you are aware of this – to repeat, no Destiny Weekly or Daily events which include Nightfall, Daily Heroic Story and Heroic Strike for September 8 until September 14 when normal service will resume.

Once the Destiny server downtime on September 8 is done and you are all playing on Destiny 2.0.0, we doubt there will be any grievances over this as most of you will be enjoying The Taken King.

Bungie is going to be opening up all Taken King missions to all players – you don’t have to have pre-ordered the new expansion either.

Simply put, it’s a party and everyone is invited. Let us know your thoughts on this and if you are ready to conquer The Taken King.

Remember, for those asking when is the download live for The Taken King – see exact times here.

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  • 2.0 update drops on 8th – Just crucible map preview – not all missions 🙂 – TTK drops on 15th. Can’t wait 😀