Liverpool FC FIFA 16 player ratings will shock fans

For those Liverpool FC fans out there, it looks like we now have some confirmed FIFA 16 player ratings for Liverpool’s squad on the new game.

EA has yet to confirm the ratings, as no Liverpool player has featured in the Top 50 players of FIFA 16 as revealed throughout last week.

However, thanks to some image leaks it looks like we can bring the ratings to you early. First let’s start off with the good news. According to reputable FIFA database site FUThead, Phillipe Coutinho is getting an upgrade from an 81 to an 84.


That is a huge +3 overall upgrade which should make fans very happy. You can see his ‘leaked’ stats above which show an 87 for dribbling, 82 for pace, 74 for shooting and an 80 for long shots since some of you wanted to know this stat specifically.

This makes Coutinho the top rated Liverpool player on FIFA 16, with Sturridge just behind him on an 83, Benteke and Firmino on 82 and James Milner and Adam Lallana on 80 ratings.


Now let’s get to the not so good news. FIFA 16 UK cover star Jordan Henderson apparently is only going to have a 79 rated card in the game. Emre Can despite now playing in the senior German squad will only have a 75 rating in FIFA 16 while Mignolet’s 78 rating in the game will shock many of you.

The reason that this is shocking is that Mignolet is currently an 82 in FIFA 15. Assuming the stats on FUTHead are accurate, that means an overall downgrade of -4 which is incredible and somewhat harsh.


After all, since when did EA issue an -4 downgrade before to a goalkeeper with the second most clean sheets in all of last season?

There’s definitely a lot of surprise in those stats if they are true, so give us your reaction below. Are you surprised about the ratings for Henderson, Can and Mignolet, although happy about Coutinho’s upgrade to 84?



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