Minecraft PE 0.12.0 iOS download in five days

By Alan Ng - Sep 4, 2015

We have some great news for iOS players of Minecraft Pocket Edition now. As most of you know, Mojang has been beta testing on Android for quite some time.

Now though, it looks like we are coming to the end of that testing which means that the iPhone version is almost ready to go.

Developer Tommaso Checchi has now been confident enough to give out a Minecraft PE 0.12.0 iOS download date of September 8 – so around five days of waiting to go, which isn’t long at all.


Above is the confirmation of this, although you should bear in mind that Mojang may still not commit to this date given the random nature of Minecraft when it comes to the Pocket Edition and discovering new bugs.

Also contained in the Tweet above, is a confirmation image that the new Minecraft PE 0.12.0 update for iOS has already been submitted to Apple’s App Store – which is great news.

Hopefully there will not be any further issues in the build-up to this date. The developer wouldn’t have mentioned a date publicly if he wasn’t confident that the team could fulfil it – having the new version already submitted is a great indication that everything will go smoothly.

Are you happy about this after a long wait? We’ll update you here if anything changes between now and September 8.

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  • Jacob

    How ever Dosent like MINECRAFT tell them their Stuped

  • Jacob

    MineCraft is the Best game in the world and Splatoonminecraft is Osome

  • Jacob

    Mojang is the best.

  • Jacob

    I want girlfriend mod and keys and doors with locks for Poket Edishen

  • Jacob

    I Want The girlfriend mod for Pocket Edishan Now And keys to doors and doors with locks.*Jacob Meier

  • NightMareGold80

    what day wen Minecraft pe update on the FireHD

  • kawaii world


  • Dylan Carritt

    Its the 8th september and no update has come so thats a load of bulls*it

    • askep3

      8th of September PST probably, so wait like 12 more hours.

      • kawaii world

        12 more hours i cant wait :/

  • The flash

    Tommaso anwser plz, is the update relly coming out on the 8th of september

    • Dylan Carritt

      No because its the 8th september and it still isnt out so there lieing little fucks

  • The flash

    Yess!!!!!,finally mojang you took so long i got so mad at you hopefully the next uptade 0.13.0 isnt going to be like that:)

    • Jason

      That’s rude! This is coming out so much faster! Shut up and be happy!

      • The flash

        How is that rude?.but im exited the update is tomorrow