New PS3 update 4.76 firmware notes

By Alan Ng - Sep 3, 2015

There has been a quick fire surprise new PS3 update 4.76 today, with many gamers asking what the new PS3 update changes compared to PS3 4.75.

Today is also the day in which the latest Advanced Warfare DLC pack Reckoning arrives on PS3, which means that many of you will first have to update to the new firmware before you can start playing the new maps.

Unfortunately, we can confirm that the new PS3 update today contains no new features. The official PS3 firmware update 4.76 notes only show that Sony has “improved system software ability during use of some features.”


That is literally all you will see on your console – nothing more, nothing else. There is no other information on the update and Sony hasn’t said anything on it.

Given that it’s just another stability update though – they probably don’t need to say anything as it will only draw more ire from the community with the demand to see new functionality.

We’ll let you know if there’s any hidden in the update that Sony hasn’t mentioned, but for now it is pretty uninspiring to say the least. Let us know if you have seen this update on your console today and if you have now installed to PS3 4.76.

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  • Windy Jennings

    I am also having problems updating system update to 4.76. I get the error code too, I restored it and I still get the same message. There is nothing wrong with the internet or modem and router. The only thing I haven’t tried it in was safe mode. My ps3 was working fine until I moved in with my mom and the internet is fine. It just my ps3 won’t update so I can continue to play games and watch Netflix.

  • ToraFang

    It freezes some of my games, what great stability.

  • Grant Davo Davies

    Add me on Facebook if you have CFW I have all pkge files to spoof you back online 🙂

  • Grant Davo Davies

    New 4.76 spoofer now available just run pkge file and run

    • raj

      show me

  • abh794

    It’s giving me an error at 49 percent

  • rich

    That’s awesome! I’m so happy they’ve updated. I spent 2.5 hours last night rebooting to update, and
    then another 3 hours today rebooting to update. It has been updating
    and failing for about 5-6 hours now, and yes, I’ve googled everything
    having to do with 8002f15. I was happy with the previous crashes. May I please have them back so I
    can get back to gaming? Right now, PS3 has bricked itself.

  • ✗Fadel ※

    Downloading it now

  • Installing it now.

  • itsthereal_eric

    I’m just hoping it’ll fix my Problem with the PSN Store it hasn’t worked for months, I’ve been having to go online to buy games and other stuff it’s quite the hastle, please o’ please work I’m begging

    • Bandz52114

      Try deleteing the update for pan store then redownload it worked for me

      • itsthereal_eric

        Thank you very much! Everyone who replied helps a lot!

    • Paulo

      same here: Delete the PSN Store, restart the PS3 and install again the store, problem fixed.
      P.S. Sorry for the bad english, I’m not american.

      • itsthereal_eric

        I’m also not American I’m Canadian eh!

    • Zanetta Terry

      Uninstall the PlayStation store then reinstall it. Only fix

      • itsthereal_eric

        Thanks for the help! Much appreciated

    • Matt Rundle

      ummm the worst thing you can do is update it straight away

  • liteskin_chiefkeef

    Quick question. If I go out n purchase a new ps3, will I need all the updates or would 4.76 contain it all? Hmm, hypothetical question.. how do updates can skip one? Or does it just come with the next? Trippy right now..

    • You can get by with just a single 4.76 update. When I purchased my PS3, I only had to install one update before I could start installing my game.

  • Rafael Barrientos

    Mine was done this morning. i don’t see any major changes. i’m hoping this fix my constantly turning off ps3 issues…

    • Valhala Bliss

      no it won’t fix that. thats a hardware issue

      • Rafael Barrientos

        so i heard, i already tried changing the thermal paste, but it didn’t help at all.

        • Valhala Bliss

          theres a lot that need s to be known …like is it turning off in the middle of a game? does it take a while like an hour or 30mins after being on …then shuts off? when it shuts off does it just die completely? does the green light stay blinking …etc Is it a fat, slim? has it ever been modded? all kinds of stuff like that.

        • rich

          My issue was the trimpots, and yours may be as well. . Google “PlayStation 3 trimpots” fix. There’s a video to adjust them so the power spikes don’t turn off the system. You’ll have to open up the power supply–ignore the warranty, since it’s $150 to fix anything anyway. You wanna pay $450 for your PS3? I think not. It’s the only way I could fix mine to make it work. And now it never crashes–except playing DCUO, when it crashes all the time, but that’s because they have poor coding and pretty bad software.

  • OmegaElectro

    im updating right now … just double checking what it is …. im sort of paranoid that they would release an update that might screw all ps3’s, lmao

  • Sammy Aitken

    i wouldn’t cancel the update operation , even if you paid me…

    • rich

      Me neither! So I let it update, over and over and over for about 6 hours total last night and this morning. There is no way to cancel an update, there is no way to even get to a recovery screen, either from the incorrect method said by Sony staff to the correct way to get to Recovery Mode by the customers who have taken apart the product. Re-set doesn’t work, multiple button presses of the pwr button doesn’t work. It just loops over and over regardless of what i do once it turns on. Sadly, the last time an update happen, I rebooted about 40 times and it finally took. I wish it had bricked, because this time I’m stupid enough to do it a hundred for this 8002F157 just in case it may actually update.

  • Jett

    Just updating now

    • bren

      same here lol

      • Chris Wright

        Doing it right now I’m new to PlayStation been on Xbox

        • I’m doing it now!

        • Breezy Ever Rytrus

          Does it take long?

        • XThexRealxBanksX

          define taking long? because i just started the update but and im at 85%

        • It took about a minute to download on a 17 Mb/s ADSL2+ connection, and 3 minutes to install.