Destiny down for long maintenance on Sept 3

We have an important heads-up for all Destiny players now. In just over an hour, Destiny servers will be down for scheduled maintenance on September 3.

The bad thing about it, is that Destiny servers won’t be back up today until six hours later. Bungie has verified and reminded gamers that Destiny is down for six hours starting from 8am Pacific Time and lasting until 2pm in the afternoon.

For those on Eastern Time, Destiny servers will be down at 11am and back up again at 5pm. UK Destiny players will be unable to play from 4pm to 10pm.


Above is the confirmation from Bungie, before you all ask how long will Destiny servers be down today for maintenance – so make sure you are well prepared.

Bungie has also said that those playing near the cut off time will be given an in-game message warning them that maintenance is about to begin.

During the six hour outage, be warned that the Destiny companion app may be down as well so expect the worst.

For Destiny maintenance today lasting six hours, we can only imagine that Bungie are putting the final touches on the long awaited The Taken King expansion – otherwise, what else could they be doing?

Give us your thoughts on this long maintenance period and whether you are ok with it as long as it is related to ensuring that The Taken King launches without issues.



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