Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo teases Chiron design

The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo has now been revealed to the world, and while we have to make do with pictures for now, we will get to see the new Bugatti model in concept form later this month during the Frankfurt Motor Show. You might wonder why we are discussing one of the Grand Turismo car models in our autos section, but we do have very good reason.

We already know the Bugatti vision and mission statement, which is all about “Pure Fascination of a Brand” and looking at these images of the car that will become part of the GT6 world, it is not wrong.

Bugatti Chiron design

After releasing the images, Bugatti said that some of the Vision Gran Turismo will be incorporated into the Chiron, the Bugatti Vayron successor. We highly doubt that all aspects of this car will be used in the next chapter of the company, as they will not translate that well onto a road car.

The exotic carmaker has already said that its Vision Gran Turismo design will be overstated and come with features that are purely focused on performance. We will be interested to see what areas of this concept will be used in the design of the Chiron, due for release in 2017?

For full details of this model destined for GT6, then please head to the



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