Minecraft PE 0.12.0 update in September confirmed

By Alan Ng - Sep 2, 2015

We know that many of you have been constantly asking when is Minecraft PE 0.12.0 out for Android and iPhone. Mojang has been busy beta testing 0.12.1 over the last few weeks but now we do have a solid update to bring you on the official Minecraft PE 0.12.0 update release date in September direct from one of the developers.

The last we spoke about the full version, it was at the end of July when Mojang initially said that they could release 0.12.0 in August – but without Enchanting, music or controller support.

Skip forward to the start of September and it is still not out. As you can imagine, fans have been growing frustrated with the wait, although the excitement and anticipation still seems to be high overall.


Now, developer Tommaso Checchi has said that Minecraft 0.12.0 will be coming ‘soon’, once the team have fixed up some bugs relating to sound issues.

Minecraft PE has forever been synonymous with bugs, so most of you should be used to the constant delays now after being optimistic on past occasions.

Given that the update was supposed to come in August and judging by the Tweet above left just a few days ago – a September release date for Minecraft PE 0.12.0 on Android and iPhone should be confirmed.

Are you patiently waiting to play this version? Let us know what you want to see the most once the Minecraft 0.12.0 download is live.

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  • aaron12374

    Yay yay ya it’s her but needs some but fixes

  • Mercy


  • Stella

    A q hora sale la actualizaciónnnnnn ya es 8 de septiembre y estoy esperando desde hace mucho tiempo

  • Hussam Hayder

    I really do hope they will release today…

  • Luke Prinz

    It’s the 8th of September already!!!!!!!!!!!! Release it soon!!!!!!!! PLZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!

  • Lozza

    I’ve got a bug where I can’t type my name in so I can’t play on LBSG OR ANYTHING please help

  • Lozza

    I need the update now

  • bgbgbgb

    im a programmer its coming out 2016 agust

  • bgbgbgb

    hes lying

    • Dominic Johnson

      I agree dumb a lyer

  • Cokiesncreamgirl188

    Give them a break they been working so hard to get out a good version so just be thankful that they’re even making a 0.12.0 version of mcpe

  • James

    i talked with jeb and he said it will come out at 9/12/15

    • Extreme Games

      Are u sure

    • Mercy

      So when is that

  • James

    i want 0.12.0 to be released on 9/7/15!

  • Luke Prinz

    MOJANG, RELAESE IT ALL READY!!!!! IT BEEN LIKE 3 MONTHS!!!!!!!! and also, when is it going to be subbmitted to the App Store? I really want to know ASAP!!

    • Lozza

      Apparently 8th September

      • Carlos

        It is

  • iMLGOpticFaZe

    They have sent it to Apple to get the update out

  • Cool_creeper_9232

    Mojang!! I mean come on please realese it today or tomorrow school is coming soon I will have a lot of homework please just realese it ;( 😉

  • Toby

    It’s coming out around the 8th of September (fact) #true

    • Lozza12

      Vey true

  • Daphne_Minecraftpro

    Omg I waited the update to come out on July August NOW setemper seriously why!!

    • Daphne_Minecraftpro

      Why mojang why 😔

  • Jude

    Can you do the update quick plz mojang

    • Mercy

      The update has been released we just have to wait for September 8th Its coming out around then maybe before we don’t know

  • Jude


  • Jude

    Do it tomorrow!!!!

  • Jude

    Come on mojang!!!!!!

  • Jude

    I need the update I can’t sleep! So i need it so i can play with my cousin.plz make the update already! Plz!

  • Jason Johnston

    Just gotta ask…I see a lot of people in multiple chats and forums, who say they give up on Minecraft cause they can’t wait so long for the next update . . .does that mean you seriously just milk the latest one dry, run out of ideas then expect Mojang to whip you up an update cause you’re bored? I understand it’s not up to par with the PC version, but try building new things, getting others to join you, making bigger and better (shoot, we have infinite worlds now!). Time goes faster when you’re playing the game, not when you check for an update then boycott until you get one.

  • Junhao Chen

    i love minecraft!!!my most favorite game

  • aaron12374

    Me to

  • Levis

    I love MCPE very much


    I am so excited for this update. Looking most forward to Nether, but whole thing is amazing.

  • aaron12374

    Will there be horses in it

  • Torii

    I am SICK of waiting so I kinda got a little less interested with minecraft
    So I stoped playing it as much as I used to now Back before I learned about the update I played minecraft EVERY SINGLE DAY HOUR BY HOUR MINUTE BY MINUTE SECOND BY SECOND I check the app store every day as well just to see if that little UPDATE button was there no sign of it anywhere 🙁 so that leads me to the end of my tale for today as u can guess I gave up 🙁 P.S. Sorry Mojang

    • aaron12374

      It will come soon

    • Torii’s enemy

      The prediction is September 8 so don’t give up!

      • Jude

        Are you sure?

        • Shawn69

          Tom cc tweeted that it has been submitted to the AppStore and will most probably be released on the 8th of September

  • Chloe

    I’m so excited for the update 😝 wait patiently and it will come quicker:)

  • Toby

    I think it will be coming out next week

  • Liam

    I wish we can get mods in game

    • The Smart One

      Uh.. we can

  • Jack

    Do you think you could fix that

  • Jack

    There have been bugs when I join my friends servers where I go down ladders and take damage. Also when I jump of buildings into water I take damage

  • little cutie


    • little cutie

      CAT!!!!!!!! MEOW MEOW MEOW

  • little cutie


  • little cutie

    Uhh I what a cat now give me cat

  • TheSniper110

    I just want it so badly 🙁

  • TheSniper110

    But they said the 29th of July then said the 29th of August now their saying in September we had to wait for 3 months now their saying it’s coming out in September p.s why is it taking so long 🙁

    • cowsim

      Due to the bugs and incompatibilities concerning cross-platform play (I.E., playing with someone on the Xbox to a PC). Also, the amount of additions would be low compared to the up and coming one; meaning it would take multiple updates to get to where they are now on their current build. I’d say maybe the 12th. God knows we can hope.

    • Kyle Benson

      It should come out in September because the androids can already have it I was at my friends house yesterday and he has a android

  • Pitchfork723

    Excuse me, this is near-lying. It is not confirmed, this information is false as of yet. Their ‘soon’ can be one day or three months. Don’t put false information on your front page and browser link. When you have actual ‘news’, post it. Don’t recycle old ones.

    • Levis

      Sir its because problems music enchantment and controller support

  • Aaron Barton

    I mean i cant wait for the update

  • Aaron Barton

    I Cant what it so bad

  • Aaron Barton

    Will there be horses in

  • Aaron Barton

    Will there be houses in it

  • alexa

    Will the update come out for kindle fire hd

    • Joshua Vaughn

      Yes it will. It has the pocket edition like android, and iOS.

      • aaron12374


    • Austin


  • Lucio

    Espero que rápido estoy impaciente y felix

  • Jay

    Does anyone know if version 12 will be backward compatible with worlds that were created in version 11, or will all of the new features only work in worlds created with version 12?

    • Joshua Vaughn

      I am pretty sure it will work. I tested it with 0.11, and then updated to the latest beta and the new features worked.

  • Anthony Friend

    what I want toi see the nether portal and snow golem