Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Kingdom Hearts 3 missing at TGS

By Alan Ng - Sep 2, 2015

If you were expecting to see some fresh Final Fantasy 7 Remake news or Kingdom Hearts 3 news at Tokyo Game Show 2015, we’re here to remind you that it looks like Square-Enix won’t be delivering on these expectations.

The company has just revealed their full TGS 2015 lineup and both games are not included on the list. What will be shown however is Mobius Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, Final Fantasy XV, World of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Record Keeper among others.

For Kingdom Hearts 3 fans out there, you will still be able to get some KH at least, as we can see that Square-Enix are planning to show some of Kingdom Hearts: Unchained at the event – the mobile version of the game which is due for release in Japan this month.


Given the fact that the E3 Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer went viral, it’s no surprise to see the huge demand for new footage at TGS.

Hopefully Square-Enix has some more information for us soon as we’re not sure how long we can hold on until we finally get to witness some actual Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay running on PS4 hardware.

Patience is a virtue though. Are you slightly disappointed that you won’t be seeing both the Remake of FF7 and Kingdom Hearts 3 at the event which runs between September 17-20?

Let us know which game of the two has your biggest interest at the moment.

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  • EAchankre

    Don’t change the story don’t change the music very soft remixes for new scenes are ok

    Battle system ok fine to change but has to be 3 characters who are all contollable party. All limit breaks and 95 % of the materia have to exist.

    You can easily add to the lore there are a lot of NPCs that could get more attention.

    The mini games can get more control and customization options. Also more mini games.

    These are the kinds of changes I hope for I want everything the first ff7 had with better graphics cinematography and a more enriching experience so I feel like I learned more about ff7 when I’m done playjng

  • U wot m8

    KH3 was missing when square announced their lineup at E3 this year.. And surprise, it showed it. So who knows, it still might show

  • Justin Kinzer

    that would be cool 2 play as Sephiroth character 2

    • EAchankre

      You get to for a bit in ff7 and you can use him in dissidia

  • Justin Kinzer

    Think it will come out i sure hope it does ive been waiting for a remake 2 come out 4 so long

  • Ryan Tirrell

    FF7 Remake! =) It’s still just an idea until someone decides to show us some game play footage – I mean look at the hype for Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills – footage shown, teasers teased… but completely out of left field, Kojima leaves the party, taking Silent Hills down with him. We have no idea when FF7 could be released so there is plenty of time for left fielded decisions to ruin the day! Geez, I’m such a pessimist! =D