FIFA 16 Player Ratings 30-21 live with massive upgrades

Attention all FIFA 16 fans now, as we wanted to give you a last minute reminder that we are just hours away from finding out the new FIFA 16 player ratings 30-21 for Wednesday September 2.

As most of you know, EA has been counting down the top 50 players in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Yesterday we had the players rated between 40-31, so now it is time to find out who the players for 30-21 are.

There is a lot of anticipation in the air, as you can imagine FIFA 16 ratings are a big business in the booming market that is FUT.


Paul Pogba was revealed to have an 86 rating in the game at rank 31 which is a +2 upgrade on his previous card. Who is going to be the player that is rank 30 ahead of him in stats?

EA are definitely revealing the new ratings on Wednesday so we could be minutes away from a reveal. Once the information is live we will update this and let you know when the new list is available – it will be going live here for future reference.

Give us your last minute predictions for the FIFA 16 FUT 30-21 players – who would you choose?

Update: The list of new players is now live on EA’s website. Upgrades for Alexis Sanchez, De Bruyne and a massive upgrade for Chiellini! Leave your reaction below.



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