WWE 2K16 Brock Lesnar entrance with Paul Heyman

For those that want to get a good look at the beast in WWE 2K16, 2K has now unleashed the full WWE 2K16 Brock Lesnar entrance video, along with Paul Heyman acting as his manager.

It looks pretty good, but perhaps nothing that will blow you away graphically. Some may say that the graphics could have been better in terms of realistic likeness – but it’s not bad.


Now you can see the whole thing for yourself in full thanks to IGN, and decide for yourself whether Brock Lesnar looks just as fearsome on screen as he will on your PS4 or Xbox One.


It’s nice to see Paul Heyman having a heavy input in Lesnar’s entrance too and the facial features are pretty good as well.


If we were to say one thing though, the WWE 2K16 arenas look like they could do some work as we can’t help but feel that they look a little uninspiring.


Watch the video and let us know what you think. Do you agree that the graphics could have been better in all honesty?



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