Apple iPad Pro October launch evidence mounts

By Alan Ng - Sep 1, 2015

If you still have your money saved up for an Apple iPad Pro, you’ll be pleased to hear that rumors are still persisting and suggesting that Apple will finally be ready to offer their larger iPad in October.

This time, analysts appear to be the catalyst for the latest wave of rumors. A JPMorgan analyst has apparently told certain individuals that suppliers will be sending Foxconn components for the iPad Pro sometime this month.

Foxconn is one of Apple’s primary suppliers of course and now we’re hearing that Apple could be planning to adopt new display screen technology within the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that would allow for greater accuracy during touch input.

iPad Pro announcement

This piece of information falls in line with previous rumors suggesting that the iPad Pro could come with a stylus pen – making it the first iPad to do so in the entire lineup.

With components being prepared this month, a launch in mid to late October for the iPad Pro is on course after a possible reveal earlier in the month.

The display is going to be the highlight on offer and with a rumored 2,048-pixel-by-2,732-pixel resolution, it could offer a significant upgrade to the 2,048 x 1,536 pixel resolution offered on current Retina models.

Are you hyped up by the rumors on the Apple iPad Pro, or are you planning to skip an upgrade this year?

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