Steam is down with connection problems say users

Gamers are surprised to find out that Steam is down on August 30 or August 31 today depending on your area. As far as we’re aware, Valve gave no prior indication to Steam maintenance today and now many gamers are saying that they can’t connect to Steam right now.

On the SteamPowered status page, there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong wither, but there definitely is Steam log in problems at the moment.

A third party status checker Is Steam Down also confirmed that there are problems so hopefully Valve’s team are aware of this and are planning to get users back into the service as soon as possible.


Above is some live feedback which has just come in minutes ago from Twitter users who are also having problems logging into Steam on August 30 or Aug 31.

We’ll update this once we get an official statement from Valve. In the meantime, give us your status below in your area.

Is Steam Down right now or not?



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