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Marvel Future Fight Dimension Rift Biometric drop rates

We have a quick heads-up for those that are wondering what the drop rates are for biometrics in Dimension Rifts on Marvel Future Fight.

While we don’t have percentages sadly, we did just want to confirm that you can get multiple bios on the last stage for those that are unaware of this.

Obviously playing a level 50 rift is very expensive in terms of using up that energy, but the rewards could be worth it.


In our own tests we were able to get as many as 3 Destroyer bios from a level 50 rift which is pretty fantastic. Destroyer bios are considered very rare, so to get 3 for a 24 energy rift seems a lot more satisfying.

With the new comic cover pieces added into the mix, playing a level 50 rift if you have a strong enough team may just be worth running now and again – especially for Destroyer bios anyway.

If you have energy to spare, we recommend you try out a level 50 bio for characters such as Vision, Black Panther, Loki and Destroyer as you may just come away with a smile on your face.

Have you had good luck getting multiple bios from rifts yourself? Give us your drop rate experiences below.



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