Elder Scrolls Online servers down with angry players

By Alan Ng - Aug 28, 2015

The Elder Scrolls Online server down time seems to be happening very frequently lately. It only seemed like hours ago when we last spoke about the game going offline.

Now at the time of writing it looks like Elder Scrolls Online is down again on August 27/August 28 – on PS4, Xbox One and PC, so all platforms.

So far, Zenimax has not updated the Elder Scrolls Online server status page, nor have they said anything on Twitter about it.


That means once again, this is unscheduled ESO maintenance that wasn’t planned. We can’t be the only ones getting frustrated with the game going down more times than not.


Take a look at some of the feedback just minutes ago from other disgruntled players. Hopefully this new outage won’t last long and the Elder Scrolls Online servers will be back up very soon.

Give us your thoughts on this latest outage. Is it good enough?

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    The server outage was due to a medium sized solar flare. I can tell the author doesnt play eso.

  • Harry windsor

    European megaserver is down any ideas untill it will be back up

  • PlumbPilot

    Check the internet before you post this garbage, Server Problems all over the US

  • Adam R. Graves

    The game was been working great until the latest “maintenance” update the other day.


    Just sure how frequent, i havent been kicked from game in nearly a month and a half until today. Probably your internet…

    • Piekillar

      Just because you dont have problems doesnt mean others arnt that way of thinking is limited.