Clash of Clans September 2015 update excitement

By Alan Ng - Aug 28, 2015

We can feel the excitement in the air for many Clash of Clans players today. A new Clash of Clans maintenance break for August 28 has just started, with the servers going down to the surprise of the community.

As always, many players are wondering if this has anything to do with future Clash of Clans September 2015 updates, or if Supercell are planning a surprise 1 Gem Boost for the weekend.

Obviously we hope it is the latter, but it looks like Supercell are only planning to issue internal server improvements rather than implement new features.


You can see Supercell reply to a user just minutes ago with that evidence, so the likelihood of a new Clash of Clans 1 Gem Boost update is slim this time around.

However these server improvements may well provide the groundwork for a further content update early next month as there’s always a good reason for Supercell taking the game down unexpectedly.

Are you excited about new features coming to Clash of Clans in September? Let us know if your game is down at the moment for maintenance and what you personally want to see next month.

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  • jacob

    make a goblin king

  • Mattwelsh3

    They will never allow you to attack a friend/clan member. They could just set their base as a war enemy and you could get unlimited practice. Come on

    • Vance Medley

      Maybe free practice on a goblin base?

  • Hariharan Rvh

    There should be a option for multiplayer attacks which is searching a base with the village hash tag. So that we can attack our own friends by knowing their hash tag. It would be fun.

    • clasher

      they will never do that, random attack is a must

    • Trevor

      And plus that would make sense with them adding the village hash tag. You know like they added the village hash tag so they could add friend attacks at a later update

  • robert

    I think one needed update is the ability to attack your clan members, either normal or war bases, or the ability to attack your own base, as a way to practice, without that attack costing you your troops and without the defense actually losing anything.

    • Billy Nichols

      Man that’s a great I idea I have hoping for this for ages I reckon it would be a good new feature.

      • darkich

        It’s a horrible idea actually
        It would allow you to replicate a base you want to attack in wars and practice. Basically ruining the game.

        Supercell already explained this

    • Claner

      That’s a great idea i agree

    • clasher

      you can already do this from ages with a mod but they won’t add such feature in the main game because it’ll corrupt all gameplay 😉