Black Ops 3 Xbox One beta time on Live Marketplace

By Alan Ng - Aug 25, 2015

The Black Ops 3 PS4 beta is finally over which means only one thing for Xbox gamers – the start of the Black Ops 3 Xbox One beta.

Many of you are asking what time does the Black Ops 3 beta start on Xbox One and also what time will Black Ops 3 beta codes be sent out on Xbox One.

Treyarch has not given an update on this via their Twitter account, so we are assuming that the Black Ops 3 beta start time will be at 12am Pacific Time on Wednesday August 26.

This was the scheduled start time for PS4 users so if nothing changes it should be the same for Xbox One too. Having said that, Treyarch actually jumped the gun and offered up the beta around six hours earlier so PS4 gamers could play ahead of schedule.


With this in mind, you should start preparing for your Black Ops 3 Xbox One beta code to be sent on Tuesday evening Pacific Time, ready for the Black Ops 3 download on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Once the beta has started, Treyarch will then be providing various updates over the course of the beta to increase the level cap and offer up the new Stronghold map and new Specialists to preview.

We don’t have long to go, so let us know if you are excited to try the beta out. As soon as you have your beta code on Xbox One, leave a comment below to give other players a heads-up.

We’ll update this with exact times if Treyarch provides an update for us.

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  • Ronald Shirk

    If u could give me one of those codes i can help u out

  • Sam Carter

    My codes on the Xbox don’t work all three it’s saying there’s something wrong try later any help?!?

    • Ronald Shirk

      If u could give me one of those i can help u out

  • kushinakingcloud10

    I just wish black ops had a few themes on ps4 like when the guy sitting wit the two pistols…

  • kushinakingcloud10

    Nice to have both consoles