Marvel Future Fight update on August 26 with bad news

By Alan Ng - Aug 25, 2015

We have some good news and bad news for Marvel Future Fight players now. The good news is that we can confirm that a new update is coming this week on August 26, adding She-Hulk, Nico Minoru and Singularity to the game as previously revealed.

On top of the three characters, Netmarble will also be adding a vast array of new Secret War costumes to Future Fight. These include the likes of Groot, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Kingpin and Bullseye.

This information was also leaked in advance and you can recap that information here which reveals which type of costume the hero will get – Groot as Thor and Zombie Venom for example.


Finally, this update will also add the new PVP mode we revealed which will officially be called ‘Taskmaster’s Killiseum’ in Marvel Future Fight.

Previously, leaked information suggested that this would be called ‘Battle World’ but now it seems that Netmarble has come up with a swankier name whilst also perhaps confirming Taskmaster as a playable character in the near-future.


While all of the above sounds great, the bad news is that Netmarble will be making a major change to the Honor and Chaos Token shops – a change which most of you will probably agree is a bad one.

We can tell you that Netmarble will be removing all characters from the two shops except Captain Marvel on the Honor shop, Hulk on the Chaos shop.

Instead, the developer will be introducing Honor Chests and Chaos Chests in Marvel Future Fight. Each chest will cost 165 tokens to buy for each store and will contain 1-3 bios of selected heroes.

In other words, Netmarble are removing the ability to gain 3 guaranteed bios for 500 tokens and replacing that with a random chance to get 1-3 bios for 165 tokens from a pre-set list.


This list will be the characters that have previously appeared in both stores. So that means Hulk, Star-Lord, Wasp, Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Ultron, Hulkbuster, Red Skull, Venom and Mockingbird inside Chaos chests.

For the Honor chest you’ll be able to get Captain Marvel, Gamora, Red Hulk, Sharon Carter, Iron Fist, Black Bolt, Elektra, Punisher and Kingpin.

These are confirmed changes as you can see on Netmarble’s official forums for the game. We’re assuming that they will be going live with the next update this week so you may want to start spending those tokens that you have been hoarding for weeks before the changes are made.

Now you see what we mean about good and bad news. Give us your thoughts on all of the changes and whether you will now decide to ‘cash in’ and get characters such as Star Lord, Wasp and Green Goblin to 5-star or 6-star.

Update: Full update notes have been revealed here. Token shop changes may be bad, but there is definitely plenty of good stuff on the way so it isn’t all bad.

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  • megatron

    in game she is so pretty and powerfull

  • megatron

    Hi thanks for information please add character she vemom dont you guys agree?😄

  • Javier Lee

    Why is my device incompatible for update now?

    • Dave Ramos

      same here, what will we do now? i don’t want my account be wasted. i really want to play this game, my android version is 4.1.1, which is enough to play this game.

  • limzog9 .

    Hello you have to day to sort out your update other wise I am getting back my memory on this device please fix the up date so I can play the game it is very frustrating.

  • Justo Montes

    I am from Mexico, me and my friends love this game, it’s the best in the world and the news that integrate more characters makes me very happy.

    Continue to publish news of this game please.

  • Jonathan Ryan

    People are gonna be screaming on the game forums on Aug 26… I like the new characters and uniforms but the changes to the honor tokens and chaos tokens far out weighs any gain. Farming Starlord, Gamora, Red Hulk, & Wasp is gonna become a nightmare unless they make their shifter rates way higher in special missions. Like they where when the Ant-Man patch first came out, pretty much always getting one as an ally