Black Ops 3 Black Hat hacking explained

By Alan Ng - Aug 22, 2015

We have some useful information for those that have been playing through the Black Ops 3 beta on PS4, wondering how to use the Black Hat in Black Ops 3.

The Black Hat is a returning device which players can use to hack enemy equipment and scorestreaks. You can equip it in place of your tactical grenade in the class menu and it is fairly easy and very enjoyable when getting used to it in-game.

For those that want to know how to hack scorestreaks in Black Ops 3 with Black Hat, you simply have to aim the device which you want to hack and keep your finger held until it has finished scanning.


One of the most common uses for this is hacking UAVs with the Black Hat in Black Ops 3, as you can reverse the odds and turn the UAV into your own – scoring points in the process.

This is especially useful if you do this whilst using the Combat Focus Specialist ability for Seraph, as you can gain extra points which contribute to your scorestreak meter.

Once you have achieved the orange hexagon on an enemy device you can even then take cover and it will still hack through walls.

It looks like you can hack many scorestreaks in the game, including the H.A.T.R and the HC-XD which is really amusing once you manage to do.

Watch the video below for an in-depth look at Black Hat and tell us what you have managed to hack so far and your thoughts on this device in Black Ops 3.

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  • corinne

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    Thanks for the vid…very helpful