Black Ops 3 beta free without code for some

We have become aware that some players have been able to access the Black Ops 3 beta free without a code thanks to a loophole discovered.

We reported earlier this week that the Black Ops 3 beta was free for players in Hong Kong. In actual fact this covers the Asia Pacific region, meaning that countries such as Singapore are included as well.

Now, players have gone as far as creating a Singapore PSN account with a fake address, just in order to download the Black Ops 3 beta on PS4 for free.


There’s a whole thread about it on Reddit with players saying that they have had success using this method and activating the Singapore PSN account as their primary account, then logging back into their usual name to play.

We’re not sure if Treyarch are aware of this activity and if there will be any repercussions for doing so. We know that some are even pre-ordering the game on Amazon, then cancelling as soon as they get the code which seems rather naughty and a shameful act of desperation.

Have you been able to gain access to to play the Black Ops 3 beta free this week? We’ll update this as necessary, especially if Treyarch decides to comment.



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