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Final Fantasy Portal app with Triple Triad trickery

Attention all hardcore Final Fantasy fans out there, as Square-Enix has offered up something rather exciting with the launch of the Final Fantasy Portal app.

This is due to the fact that it comes with a free version of Triple Triad on iOS and Android – the immensely popular card game from Final Fantasy 8 and more recently, Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn.

In reality though, this isn’t a completely free game as it has free-to-play elements as many other mobile games these days.


Final Fantasy Portal Triple Triad uses a stamina system, with 1 crystal allowing players to have one round of Triple Triad. The Triple Triad stamina recharge timer is set to 1 crystal every 30 minutes so more often that not you’ll be waiting around for your bar to recharge every time.

Recharging the bar instantly costs real money. 1 Crystal will get you 100 gill, with 120 gill costing you 79p. Players who don’t want to sit around waiting have the option of paying £15 for 3400 gil which will get you 50 crystals for 50 rounds of Triple Triad – which is where Square-Enix will be making their big money.


As you can imagine, this has surprised many players who are frustrated in saying that there should be a standalone Triple Triad mobile app that players can pay a one-off fee for without any time constraints.

For now though, it is still a decent option for those that want to revisit their Triple Triad addiction from the Final Fantasy 8 glory days.

What are your thoughts on Triple Triad for Final Fantasy portal after playing with it for a few hours. Are you frustrated with the stamina system in the game with no real way to get free Triple Triad crystals without waiting?

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