LOL Patch 5.16 rundown with Project Zed buff

After the recent LOL 5.16 preview that we gave you, we are now pleased to confirm that the official LOL Patch 5.16 notes are now live, along with a useful LOL Patch 5.16 rundown from Riot to explain the update in clearer detail.

There’s plenty of changes in this update, notably a buff for Zed who will shortly be honoured with a brand new skin as part of the exciting Project Zed update for LOL.

Firstly, check out the buff that Riot are issuing to Zed. You can see that the developers are targeting Zed’s R – Death Mark skill with a quicker reactivation time.


You can see the exact description of changes to Zed in League of Legends as they appear in Riot’s notes above. As for the rest of the patch, you can read through the full League of Legends 5.16 patch notes here – including detailed information on Juggernauts.

As for Project Zed, we can see that Riot has updated their Project website with some new information. Included within the interactive section is what looks to be a teaser image of Zed’s weapon.


You can explore the updated League of Legends PROJECT website here yourself to find out some other clues about what Project Zed skins are coming to the game soon – it’s exciting stuff and it looks like Riot are putting some real effort and resources into making it a great update.

Let us know what you think of the new 5.16 patch in LoL and your thoughts on Project Zed.



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